Watercolour Flowers.

Again, playing around with watercolour tutorials in photoshop.

Again, I used one of my own photos to manipulate.

See full size here.

Watercolour waterscape.

Again, messing around with water colouring techniques in Photoshop.

I used one of my own photos this time.

See bigger version here!

Merlin mock-ups.

We have a client project going on at school to design a poster for the play, Merlin. I know I want to do some sort of watercolour type design so I'm just messing around with different versions. It's kind fun actually. There are a ton of tutorials.

Credits :

Started with this photo of 'Merlin' from Getty Images.

Got the tutorial here.

Headshot Edit.

So I was supposed to do a photoshoot for my friend today to do her headshots. She got called in to work and with my busy schedule we couldn't re-set another date. So, instead she sent me an older photo of her and asked if I would edit it for her.

It took me about half an hour and every few minutes I would save a copy and send it to her so that she could pick as much or as little editing as she pleased.

* I did NOT take this photo, I've only done the editing *


Good fences, make good neighbors.

Church entry way.

Old books.

Taken this past summer in a Church. I never really got around to editing it or really looking at it.
Cute abandoned old house.

My Grandad.

We took a road trip to Cape Breton today and stopped in one of his favourite diners. After many silly faces, he finally smiled for me.


Little Yorkie over in the dog field.